An Empowering and Innovative Care and Support Provider in Brighton and Hove


Based in Kemptown, Sussex Empowered Living provides a supported living service in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. We support adults aged 18 to 65 who are autistic, have mental health conditions and/or a learning disability. Like in our name, empowerment is at the heart of everything we do. We deliver truly person-centred care and support and believe that progress is achieved together with our Service Users, our staff, and the community.

As evidenced in our trans and non-binary specialism, we celebrate people from all walks of life

Guiding Success Through Supported Living

At Sussex Empowered Living, we work with those under our care and support to identify their life goals and priorities. Together with the individual, their loved ones and health and social care professionals, we develop and deliver a person-centred plan that is truly reflective of their personalised needs and preferences. Supported living is about empowering individuals to live the life they want to live as independently as possible in their own home.  Our aim at Sussex Empowered Living is to strengthen personal resources to enable individuals to realise their full potential by supporting them to progress towards greater levels of independence and to lead fulfilling lives in Brighton.

We measure success by utilising evidenced-based tools such as the Outcome Star TM . By creating an individualised roadmap to success, our Service Users are able to progress towards greater independence. 

Our Brighton-based service includes support in areas such as maintaining a home and tenancy, AcCessing Benefits and Budgeting, daily living and hygiene, providing access to the community and its wealth of resources such as educational courses and work opportunities and SO much more. We Also provide bespoke packages of care and support, Up to A 24/7 service, Including waking nights and sleep-ins.

Our office is  conveniently located in Kemptown and most of our tenancy contracts are as well. This enables us to provide a faster and more efficient service for our Service Users. Because of the easy access to our office, our Service Users feel safe and are more easily made a part of the Sussex Empowered Living community.

Our carefully selected and exceptionally well-trained staff are committed to ensuring that the right of everyone we support to make choices is protected and that they remain in control of their life. We place people at the centre of their care which means that their wants, needs and preferences are respected and that their decisions are appreciated and strengths utilised.

Through the supported living service we provide, families can rest assured that their loved ones in Brighton and Hove are being supported by the right people, in a safe, positive environment where their needs are fully met.



We provide highly person-centred in-home care and supported living package that are flexible to properly meet individual needs and preferences.

Mental Health

We focus on the person, not their diagnosis and this is reflected in our in-home care and mental health supported living services and planning process.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities support is about encouraging people to make fully informed decisions and choices and ensuring that their voice is heard.

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