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Positive Behaviour Support

Sussex Empowered Living Ltd. is fully accredited as a service with Loddon Training and Consultancy, and has achieved a fully integrated programme based on the positive philosophy of PROACT-SCIPr-UK® which provides an evidence and values based approach to supporting individuals.

Positive behaviour support

PROACT-SCIPr-UK® means Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy – Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention; a system that was first developed in the USA, now fully revised by the Loddon Foundation Ltd, formerly The Loddon School, and is now widely used in the UK by certified organisations.

PROACT-SCIPr-UK® is a whole approach, emphasising a proactive approach to behaviours with the individual at the centre and provides a structure of support that minimises/eliminates the use of restrictive practices. Underpinned by the principles of Positive Behaviour Support, PROACT-SCIPr-UK® has a strong emphasis on ethical and person centred working and integrates fully with our person-centred care plans to support individuals who could display behaviours which challenge.

Our instructors deliver training to our staff team, ensure compliance with the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® approach, and ensure good practice in conjunction with the BILD Code of Practice and other key legislation and guidance.