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Mental Health

At Sussex Empowered Living we believe in focusing on the person, not just their diagnosis, and this is reflected in our in-home care and supported living services for those living with mental health conditions. Through our specialist support and recovery services we ensure that individuals are fully involved in the care planning process and that their diverse, dynamic and often complex needs are met in a way that equips them with the tools necessary to live the life they want to live.

Mental Health

Our empowering community recovery approach aims to strengthen personal resources to enable those living with mental health conditions to develop greater levels of self-reliance and independence in areas important to them. This could include developing and building daily living skills such as cooking and cleaning but could also include supporting individuals to understand and control or manage complex emotions such as anger, stress, apathy and issues of low self-esteem and confidence. By working with individuals to strengthen certain skills, including those necessary for effective communication, problem solving, decision making and employment we seek to improve the sense of self-worth and purpose which we consider key in the journey of recovery. Whatever the needs, we ensure that each person under our care and support in Brighton & Hove enjoys a service that recognises and values their uniqueness and truly reflects our commitment to person centred care for all.