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Learning Disabilities

Right from the start, at Sussex Empowered Living we work with those under our care and support in Brighton & Hove to identify their life goals and priorities. In partnership with them, their loved ones, carers and health and social care professionals, we develop a person-centred plan truly reflective of their individual needs and preferences. Regardless of individual abilities, we empower those with learning disabilities and other complex needs to take control of their own life, wherever possible, through encouraging and supporting them to make fully informed decisions and choices, and ensuring that their voice is heard.

Learning Disabilities

By working in accordance with collaboratively developed support plans and risk assessments, we are able to provide consistent and flexible in-home care and supported living services. Through this approach we are able to ensure that those with learning disabilities under our care and support are able to live the life they want to live and achieve greater levels of self-reliance and independence.