Through our tenancy service, we Are Able to Provide Appropriate HousING That Benefits both landlords and Individuals under our Care and Support.

At Sussex Empowered Living, we work with individuals to source, secure, and prepare housing, including ligature risk adaption. Through our connections with the private property rental market in Brighton, we are able to source excellent properties where care and support can be provided. Primarily based in Kemptown, our service users are close to the office and each other, providing security and a community. In addition to finding a home, Sussex Empowered Living can provide financial assistance for a deposit and fees, if needed.

We keep service users fully involved throughout the property search which ensures that we find a place they can call home, and that meets their needs and preferences. Providing an appropriate living environment enables us to focus on delivering the care and support needed to ensure that people are empowered to succeed. We encourage and support those who use our service to manage their own tenancy as much as possible, with their Brighton-based landlord, which we consider an important step in the journey towards self-reliance and independence.

Not every person will need a new home and might simply require our support to maintain or develop their independence in a current setting. Should this be the case, we will work with the person to develop a package of support that fully meets their individual needs and preferences.

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