World mental Health Day 2021

World Mental Health Day happen annually on the 10th October. This day is designed to help raise awareness of mental health and encourage us all to take actions to help those living with mental health illness. This will make the world a more understanding, accepting, and compassionate place for those suffering mental illness.

2020 shocked the world with an unprecedented global emergency, the Covid-19 pandemic. Maybe this gives this years World mental Health Day an extra special purpose. It is no secret that this pandemic has caused hardship, pain, and even loss for many. All of which that can severely impact our mental health states.  Although the damage the pandemic has caused cannot be undone, there are steps and actions we can all do to recognise and support those suffering now and in the future with poor mental health. The first step today could be recognising your own needs and checking on your mental health state, which may have been impacted by the last year.

Check out our mental health resources page to discover apps and resources designed to help manage your mental health:

Learn more about World Mental Health Day at:

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