Leonard Cheshire Volunteering Program

At Sussex Empowered Living we take a person-centred approach to the care we deliver and provide to our service users. This person-centred approach places our services users’ individuals needs and wants at the forefront of our care. By doing this we recognise each individuals’ personal goals and aspirations, on their ultimate journey to independence. We pride ourselves on assisting our service users to reach their full potential and achieve self-fulfilment.  This is why when we were approached by Leonard Cheshire inviting us to engage our service users with their volunteering program, our Registered Manager Amber was delighted to proceed to engage this initiative.

Leonard Cheshire is an organisation that supports individuals to live, learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability. Leonard Cheshire provides a volunteering program which encourages individuals to volunteer to help other service users within the community.

Our community caseworker and person centred champion Rob was excited to be assisting our service users in this group event with Leonard Cheshire. This is what Rob had to say about the experience:

“This Summer we had a visit from Jan who is a community volunteering coordinator from Leonard Cheshire. Jan came to speak with our clients about volunteering opportunities with Leonard Cheshire.

The event entailed an explanation of Leonard Cheshire, what Leonard Cheshire’s future plans were, the volunteering application process, and how Sussex Empowered Living clients and Leonard Cheshire could come together on some community projects. Of course, there were also tea and biscuits.

Jan shared many areas where she felt our clients could contribute to Leonard Cheshire. After finding out about the skills, interests, and passions of the clients who attended, she identified more specific community projects and ways that would not only give our clients the opportunity to regularly give something back to the community and make real changes to the lives of those supported by Leonard Cheshire, but would also support our clients to take steps towards their life goals, gain confidence and invaluable work experience, and learn new skills, while gently challenging themselves in unfamiliar situations and spending some time each week focusing on others in a supportive environment.

For example, one of our service users is interested in becoming a personal trainer for clients who have disabilities, Jan suggested that he could volunteer in the physio department. Also, his passion for disability rights and equality could be channelled by him working alongside Leonard Cheshire on community campaigns, an area that Leonard Cheshire has a wide reach and experience in. This collaboration could be very exciting and help to improve the day to day lives of many people.

In fact, there is such a broad range of ways for Sussex Empowered Living clients to engage, be that back-office IT, organising group activities, making social media content, companionship, and creative writing etc. There is even the potential for training and progression to paid roles, something many of our clients have identified as important to them. 

 The workshop ran very smoothly and was a positive experience for all involved, and the connection between Sussex Empowered Living and Leonard Cheshire could lead to tangible enrichment of people’s lives across the community.”

A big thank you to Jan, Amber, and Rob for either arranging this, or creating and facilitating amazing opportunities for our services users. We cannot wait to see our service users flourish in their volunteer roles.

Check out more information on the amazing work Leonard Cheshire are doing:


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