Health and Wellbeing Art Competition

At Sussex Empowered Living, health and wellbeing is at the centre of our company values and the work we do. We believe this is such a fundamental part of what we do that we assigned a Health and Wellbeing Champion, Matilda! Our company champions do exactly that, champion key areas within the company, to ensure that all staff members and service users are represented, all key values of the company are consistent throughout the company’s operations, and elements from our triple bottom line are accounted for. This gives the power to make positive change to those it effects.

Matilda our Health and Wellbeing Champion recently run a light-hearted art competition that got all staff involved and promoted health and wellbeing in a fun and creative way! Matilda felt that the office walls looked a little bear and could do with some personalisation.

We asked Matilda why she wanted to run this competition, how she feels about it, and how she did it:

“I was brainstorming ideas on which activities could contribute positively to the staff health and wellbeing at Sussex and Empowered Living, as well as providing a fun activity that staff can enjoy and work on together. I thought an art competition was perfect, as staff could work on their own or together on art works, with little restrictions so that they had an open space to express their inner creative sides.

I organised for art packs including paints, coloured pens and sketchbooks to be put into properties that staff work from, and then proposed a voting system, where the winners would have their artworks featured on the staff rooms walls and in the office. The walls were also lacking some character, so this felt like a great way to achieve two goals at once.

The engagement and creativity from those who entered was amazing, and really revealed the great talents held amongst the team. I think we were all impressed! Service users were also encouraged to get involved with this, with several arts and crafts sessions focused on creating some pieces to enter into the competition.

Once all the entries were in, I allowed everyone to be involved by creating a voting poll where everyone could submit their top three favourites. The winners were then rewarded with prizes that further promoted their wellbeing and inner creative sides, such as watercolour paints, colouring pencils, chocolate (yum), and/or a wellbeing journal. The feedback I got from staff was incredibly positive, and everyone was very keen to have something similar like this organised again. Overall, this was very successful, and definitely made a positive impact on wellbeing of those that got involved”.

Sussex Empowered Living would like to say a massive thank you to Matilda for organising this competition, and positively contributing to the health and wellbeing of our team!

The first place provide was rewarded to – Colourful Swirly Face

The second place prize was awarded to – Up Grandparents

The third place was awarded to – Waterfall Moon

Have you or those around you explored your arty and creative side yet? A recent survey found that engagement in art led to a 71% decrease in feelings of anxiety and a 73% fall in depression; 76% of participants said their wellbeing increased and 69% felt more socially included. It might be time for us all to pick up the paint brush and get creative!

Check out more information on how art and creativity can help with mental health and wellbeing below:

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