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Sussex Empowered Living are a supported living company based in Brighton, who provide supported living for individuals who are autistic, have mental health conditions, and/or a learning disability. We specialise in supporting clients who identify as transgender or non-binary with the aforementioned conditions.  

Alongside our care specialism, Sussex Empowered Living possess a social change goal surrounding this in the hope of making a larger positive impact for the transgender and non-binary community. Our social change goal is:

To create awareness of the issues surrounding social integration and the accessibility of medical services and procedures, for individuals who are neurodiverse, who are also transgender or non-binary. 

Sussex Empowered Living recognised the intensified difficulty concerning social integration when service users are neuro diverse and gender diverse. This is why we have created Gender Connect. Gender Connect is a safe space and social networking event that has been created for transgender and non-binary individuals, who are autistic, have mental health conditions, and/or a learning disability (neurodiversity). This is an event that is exclusively for transgender or non-binary individuals, or those exploring their gender identity. These events offer individuals the chance to connect with likeminded people, discuss and share stories, establish friendships, advocate in each other, and socialise in a safe space.

The events are hosted at Le Village in Kemptown, Brighton, opposite the Sussex Empowered Living Office – The heart of transgender and non-binary community. We would like to take this opportunity to invite any service users, or individuals who are autistic or have learning disabilities, you feel would benefit from this event. We believe this is a super exciting opportunity for these service users, and it will really help to empower service users and contribute to them living fulfilled lives. This event will occur once a month and will run on the last Monday of every month.

Please note that service users you feel would benefit from event are welcome to attend but will be required to bring a support worker. Advance registration for these events will be required in order for us to correctly book a table with the venue.

For any more information on these events, to register your interest, or collaborate with us on our social change goal please contact Ruben –

We invite members of the care community to discuss and/or collaborate with us regarding the issue of the gap in care for gender diverse individuals, as we believe in moving forwards, together.

Find out more about are care specialism here:

Find useful resources for transgender and non-binary individuals here:

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