Earth Day 2021


This week saw Earth Day 2021!

Since 1970 Earth Day has celebrated the modern environmental movement, and never has it been such an important topic then now! This day aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis, to change human behaviour and to influence changes in policies and laws. At Sussex Empowered Living we support this movement and the battle to tackle climate change. The planet is a fundamental part in our business operations and holds equal weighting in our triple bottom line. We are proud to be a predominantly paperless business who are continually and actively working towards lowering our carbon footprint. We believe that everybody has the responsibility to and can make small actions and changes to help save the planet, and this is why we have appointed a Sustainability Champion. Our sustainability champion Abi recently held a sustainability event for service users to raise awareness and further educate them on sustainability issues in light of World Earth Day.


Here is our spotlight interview we had with our Sustainability Champion Abi!

So, Abi why did you want to hold this sustainability event and quiz for our service users?

I wanted to do this quiz because I recently did an online course about making the workplace greener, it was really interesting, and I learned a lot from it. After finishing my online course, I did some further research into recycling. There were many different things which I was not aware could/couldn’t be recycled. It compelled me to share my knowledge and learnings and educate the service users about the importance of recycling and what items can be recycled. It is not always clear about what can be recycled. I also thought that during this difficult time, doing a quiz would give service users something to look forward to, engage with and focus on. As we provide supported living services to our service users, I felt it was our duty to help empower them to lead a more sustainable life.


We have heard great feedback from our service users regarding your sustainability event and quiz, how did you make this service-user friendly?

I understood that our services users may be autistic, have mental health conditions, and/or a learning disability, so I knew this may create challenges for them when participating in the quiz. I used a lot of images in the quiz so they could visually see what I was talking about, for example if they were not aware of the object I was discussing it would be displayed on the screen so they could see. I also made sure that I did not have too much text on each slide, otherwise it can be very difficult to focus on or take in all the information. I also split the quiz into three parts – Firstly a true or false section, secondly a picture round, and finally there was a multiple-choice quiz. I chose these three rounds as they provided variety, equity, and equality for the service users.


Have you encouraged clients and staff to adopt other sustainability-focused initiatives?

I have produced a recycling checklist, which I have emailed out to all members of staff to give to their key clients. It is an easy read guide of what items to recycle and what recycling bins you should use. I have introduced a new system for the recycling bins in the office which makes it easier to recycle and reduces processing time at the recycling plant, this means we can continue to set a good example for service users. Finally, I have made a request for small recycling bins to be put in the properties with 24/7 support so that staff can continue to recycle when they are not working in the office.


Do you have anything else to add about sustainability?

It is really important that we educate ourselves on the importance of sustainability and how we can all do our bit to help the environment.  There are so many small steps that we can all take to continue to make Sussex Empowered Living a greener and more environmentally friendly workplace, as well as empower our service users to live a more sustainable life. I have recently introduced sporks which are made from recycled bamboo, because they are a knife, fork, and spoon in one they also reduce the amount of water you use to wash them up! I have also introduced toilet paper that is made of recycled bamboo. We are in Brighton and Hove, the most eco-friendly city in the country, so I think this is really inspiring for both staff and service users. I have even more plans to continue to make the Sussex Empowered Living family greener so watch this space!


We are so pleased and proud to have Abi as our sustainability champion, helping to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of our business actions and procedures.


Check out the following links to find out more about Earth Day and Sustainability in Brighton and Hove!

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