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Can’t find what you are looking for on the website? Check out our FAQ’s below and see if we can help answer your remaining questions. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us and we will address your question as soon as possible. 

General Questions about our Service
How can I find out if I qualify for supported living services?

Supported Living is offered to individuals who need assistance with various parts of daily life due to physical or mental disabilities. Prior to accessing care services like Sussex Empowered Living, individuals must have a care assessment done by their local council. In Brighton, you can find more information about that by visiting their website.

There are various disabilities that qualify individuals for supported living, however, Sussex Empowered Living focuses on individuals who are autistic, have mental health conditions and/or a learning disability. Most services have specific disabilities that they work with and there are many resources that can help individuals find the right fit, based on their diagnosis.  

Can I use your services if I am privately funded?

Yes. Our clients are either funded by local councils or through private means. No matter how an individual is funded, each person under our care receives equally excellent supported living service. 

Do I or my family have a say in how my support is structured?

Yes. In order for an individual’s support plan to be successful, it needs to be centred on goals that are meaningful to them and their path to independence. We have expert staff that can tailor a client’s specific needs to match their long-term independence goals. When supportive families are involved in that process, their care and support is consistent and empowering. Our consistent and person-centred approach maximises an individual’s potential for success. 

Transgender Specialism Questions
Why is it called a “Specialism”?

Essentially, in the social care industry, “specialism” is the word used when an organisation has expertise in a specific area. Sussex Empowered Living is the local, Brighton-based expert on how to provide supported living to individuals who are autistic, have mental health conditions and/or a learning disability who also identify and transgender or non-binary. This expertise was developed through research, training and collaboration with the trans community and medical professionals. Read more about it HERE.

Was there involvement from the trans community?

Absolutely. Community involvement was essential in creating a robust approach that would truly meet needs. There are complex needs involved when someone is autistic, has mental health issues and/or a learning disability, as well as being trans or identifying as non-binary and adding that consideration to our expertise in supported living meant accessing knowledge from local and national resources and groups. From national trainings to conversations with local trans charities and medical professionals, our specialism is based on best-practice and follows national standards. 

In addition to accessing the trans community, we also conducted focus groups with our current transgender service-users to ensure that their voices were heard and valued. 

Read more about community involvement in this leaflet.

Why is an official diagnosis necessary to use your service?

Simply put, social care is a government funded resource and individuals need a diagnosis to receive a care assessment. Social care is generally underfunded when compared to the amount of people that need it, therefore the industry must operate, and grant funding, based on professional, expert opinions and diagnoses. This ensures that people not only receive help, but that they also receive the right help.  

Aside from funding, however, supported living is a path to independence, and each condition and individual are different. Different from charities, we are legally bound to provide support based on a diagnosis from medical professionals, and without an official diagnosis, we cannot provide an accurate or effective care plan. Social Care involves participation from social workers, doctors, therapists, etc. and supported living providers like Sussex Empowered Living is the final step that a person takes to achieving independent living. 

Landlord/Tenancy questions
If I am a Landlord, who is my main point of contact?

Your main point of contact will be Sussex Empowered Living. Because we act as a third party, we can ensure that both parties needs are met while maintaining professional approach to both the care and tenancy contracts. 

How can you ensure my property will be protected?

At Sussex Empowered Living, we mitigate risks that may be associated with complex tenants. Through our unique housing arrangement, we prevent and repair damage and manage risks in order to protect landlords and their properties. This is done by keeping our lines of communication open for the landlords, tenants and support staff who are in the properties every day. Repair needs and other issues that arise are immediately addressed and we work with our tenants to ensure that repeat incidents are minimised. We seek and deliver solutions, not just one-time fixes. 

Is rent paid on time each month?

Yes. This is a Sussex Empowered Living guarantee. Rent is paid on time, in full each month.