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Nicolas Hancock is our Registered Manager.

Nicolas HancockAfter leaving school, and spending some time in the Royal Air Force, Nicolas left the UK to travel and live in various countries around the world where he sought to develop his understanding of,  and appreciation for, other cultures. Upon returning to the UK Nicolas began studying to become a physiotherapist at the University of Plymouth. He quickly excelled and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree, achieved a nationally recognised clinical practice award and published some respected research in the area of mental rehearsal.
Upon completing his degree, Nicholas moved from the South West to Brighton where he worked as a domiciliary care manager and behavioural management specialist and instructor. After gaining valuable experience from this provider Nicolas decided to begin a career within the NHS and private practice as a Physiotherapist and progressed to become a senior specialist in musculoskeletal conditions. Whilst working as a physiotherapist Nicolas was asked to provide care and support for an individual with Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, OCD and behaviours which challenge who was struggling to find suitable care and support due to his complex needs. Nicolas worked with this individual alongside his role as a physiotherapist and was commended on his unique and innovative ideas and methods of support and his ability to utilise his approaches in a manner that was highly person centred, effective and progressive. These approaches were successfully utilised in the design and development of Sussex Empowered Living where Nicolas works as the Registered Manager/Director alongside his studies towards a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Strategic Diploma in Management and Leadership.

 Our staff

At Sussex Empowered Living our staff are selected as much for their personality, attitude and commitment as they are for their qualifications. Following successful recruitment and acceptable pre-employment checks, each member of staff is required to complete our fully comprehensive mandatory training package to ensure that every member of the team is equipped with the skills necessary to provide the highest quality service and is able to fit in with our unique culture. To support the recruitment process we use Service User representatives on the interview panel to ensure that the mix of skills among our staff team are reflective of the wide range of needs of those under our care and support.

Every member of staff is fully supported throughout their employment with us to ensure that they continue to meet our high standards of service and are able to flourish in our supportive and progressive environment.