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Our mission at Sussex Empowered Living is to promote health, well-being and independence.

Core to the delivery of our service at Sussex Empowered Living are the following underpinning values:

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion – We value everyone as an individual and diversity is respected and celebrated throughout the organisation
  • Transparency – Our openness and honesty ensures a culture where fairness is paramount and mistakes are admitted and learnt from
  • Compassion & Integrity – Our compassion and integrity is reflected in our commitment to putting service users’ holistic needs at the heart of everything we do
  • Dignity & Respect – Each individual is afforded the dignity and respect we would all wish for our own loved ones receiving care
  • Involvement and Control – We are committed to ensuring that people take as much control of their lives as possible and are supported to do so in the way they want

Inspired by these values, through the services we provide we aim to:

  • Provide high quality care and support from well trained staff
  • Develop new, and strengthen existing, skills in key areas necessary to optimise independence
  • Fully involve those using our service in every step of the care planning process
  • Promote and support social integration and community access
  • Safeguard those under our care and support against avoidable harm and abuse
  • Increase knowledge of, and protect, the rights of those under our care and support
  • Promote the positive effects of physical health on mental health and well-being

Guided by these aims, our objectives encompass:

  • Recruiting suitable staff and training them to the standard necessary to enable the organisation to achieve its goals and meets its obligations
  • Objectively measuring the development and progression of those under our care and support
  • Gathering information based on the support people require, using this information to formulate person centred care plans and constantly reviewing and monitoring needs and approaches to ensure that changing needs are met
  • Empowering individuals to take control of their lives by supporting them to make informed choices, make their own decisions and take positive risks
  • Providing support to access the community and its resources to ensure that health, social, educational and vocational needs are met
  • Working in partnership with key organisations to safeguard those under our care and support against avoidable harm and abuse
  • Ensuring individuals are informed about their rights and supported to understand and exercise them
  • Increasing awareness, understanding and appreciation of the effects of physical health on mental health and well-being and encouraging physical fitness