Everything we do aligns with our mission to move people forwards, together. Guided by this mission, our vision of a more inclusive society starts right here in Brighton. This is represented in our four key values that set us apart: innovation, people-power, consistency and transparency.   

We are committed to continually reviewing our approach and pushing ourselves as a team to generate new and effective solutions. Innovation is central to our everyday operations so we can deliver a better service. Our evolving approach to care enables us to accommodate Service Users who may struggle to have their needs met elsewhere.

The high quality of our empowering care relies on partnerships and collaboration. We pride ourselves on the diversity and multi-talented nature of our team. We work hard to create a happy team which transposes onto happy working partnerships with Service Users. We invest in our team as we believe successful partnerships deliver progress.

We know the value of rigorous processes and consistency when it comes to delivering empowering care. Therefore, we strive to be thorough and dependable in everything we do, from the way we provide our service, to the way we communicate with our stakeholders.

We know that honesty is the best policy and a transparent approach to care enables us to continually improve our service. Through clear communication, collaboration and reflective practice, we ensure that effective processes are put in place and necessary adjustments occur that benefit both our Service Users and stakeholders.


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